It’s been only two days since we defeated the Four Horsemen, but tonight Sapphiron, the last boss between us and Kel’Thuzad died to Critical Mass.

The fight itself is pretty straightforward, but it takes a lot of crafted gear and many consumables to get in position where you have a good chance of killing him.

Stocking up on Elemental Water while it’s still cheap might be a wise thing to do.

Sapphiron killshot
Click for a full size killshot.

Edit: (by Charsi) Hey, thanks for driving up the price, Dugrin :(

Sapphiron is a pretty incredible fight, and took a LOT out of the guild both money and herb-wise. We blew through a ton of flasks, stones, goose and then world buffs and it all came together in the end – absolutely amazing. Grats to everyone who threw themselves into farming for this.. and make sure you do it all again in time for next week, hey?

No Horsemen

Best damn fight in the game, by far.

Other than the whole 8 warrior thing.


Click for the full size image.

Afterwards, Sapphiron took the time to educate us that beating him is not quite as simple as frozen runes. High Frost Resist simply means you die a little slower.


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