Dipped in Lava

We’re a bunch of really bad drivers.  Thank god for hotfixes, though.  They do fix a lot of the RNG – but not all of it.

Rhyolith (Heroic) down!  Finally.  What is merely a quirky mechanic on normal quickly becomes frustrating on heroic.

The winning strategy appears to be “shut up and dps”.  And have favorable volcanoes.

Shannox (Heroic)

I wish I had another screenshot to post, but Rhyolith decided to activate all the wrong volcanoes. For two days straight.  To be fair, we made more than enough mistakes by ourselves, but hotfixes actually working as advertised would be nice.

Good times.  But hey, it’s new content!  And with less interrupts :)

Patch Day!

Don’t forget to update your mods!  I love Tuesdays….

I can’t be the only person that noticed that the new raid abbreviates to ROFL?


Edit: what’s funnier is when they hotfix out banners midway through rep farming.

A Stormrage Alliance Guild