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Very cool encounter…

In theory. It would be very cool in practice if it didn’t lag everyone to hell and back, stop updating people’s polarity, randomly disconnect people, ability is not ready yet, all the usual fun stuff :(

In spite of all that happened we made quite a bit of good progress on Thaddius. It’s actually fairly straightforward if you take the lag out of the equation. I like that about the Nax encounters. Overall the zone is very enjoyable – but stuff like this just has to be tuned a little better.

This was our best attempt:


Oh well. We’ll get him just as soon as the server cooperates. I know now that Thaddius is doable. Only one thing stands in our way… Stormrage.

Spider Wing: Clear!

Picture pretty much sums it up…


The entire clear actually took place on Friday of last week. Everyone put in a fantastic effort – from oneshotting Anub’rekhan through Faerlina with entirely too few warriors, to give us tons of time on Maexxna. We put it to good use – not long after, Maexxna was dead and we had our first Tier 3 gloves drop.

We also took the time to kill Instructor Razuvious, probably someone we’ve spent the least time on. I’d say once you get a good set of Bloodvine, this is the easiest fight in the zone, and is a nice departure from the timed burns that feature heavily in the Nax we’ve seen until now.

I wanted to hold off on posting this news, hopeful that we would in fact have some definitive Patchwerk progress to add. Sadly, Nax decided to crash on us on Monday night and respawn all the trash. So we went and killed Ouro, who was still hanging around in Ahn’Qiraj. Burrower Bracers 4tw.

Naxxramas is looking better every day.