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Nothing Of Importance Happened Today

Killed Baleroc twice now, this is a delayed news post.  The key is to spread Torment appropriately :)

Now.. I’ve been delaying this post deliberately because…

… I refuse to give Majordomo a news update of his own.  He’s that pathetic.  It took us less attempts to get him than Heroic Shannox.


It’s a guaranteed bug killer, after all.  Okay, terrible joke, but after multiple low % wipes last week we held a special Tuesday raid just to clear the way for this to die.  Sure enough he (?) did.

Beth’tilac heroic down!

Then we went back and repeated (H) Rhyolith after figuring out that lasers are something to avoid, rather than heal through.  I sure wish the steering mechanic had a little more transparency to it, mind you.

Dipped in Lava

We’re a bunch of really bad drivers.  Thank god for hotfixes, though.  They do fix a lot of the RNG – but not all of it.

Rhyolith (Heroic) down!  Finally.  What is merely a quirky mechanic on normal quickly becomes frustrating on heroic.

The winning strategy appears to be “shut up and dps”.  And have favorable volcanoes.