One Light

Great week.  Repeated Freya + 3 (pods), Firefighter, and now Yogg with one light.

Note: this is not the boss positioning.

Now all we have to do is burn some dwarves, kill two arms at the same time, and … not kill some cats.  Then we get drakes!  I love achievements.

Heroic: Failfighter

We usually kill stuff before it gets nerfed/hotfixed, but in the case of Mimiron’s Hard Mode we were just a little too slow.  Comparing the old version to the new, it’s still an execution challenge, but a lot of the ridiculous damage that mandated raid stacking (and made it stupidly hard) got toned down.  We were able to knock him over in a single night, so they probably overdid this one.

That’s not to say it we didn’t try our best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

We had Mimiron very low with about a minute on the Emergency Mode self-destruct.  Then something bad happened – Mimiron was against a wall, and chose to laser barrage facing the room, forcing everyone into a tight alcove, and followed that immediately with a shock blast and a water bomb the center of the room.  Full of fail, we went from a nearly a full raid to multiple deaths in seconds.  DPS dropped off dramatically.  As the final seconds ticked away the head picked off people, then it hit 0%, and as the survivors scrambled to shave off the final 1% on the other sections the the dreaded message was broadcast…

Self destruct sequence completed.  Have a nice day!

Fortunately, the self destruct doesn’t actually instantly kill you, and we got the final percentage and achievement credit as the obliteration began.  And so I give you the following screenshot.

Nearly Failed At Firefighter

Unfortunately, when this happens, the self-destruct sequence doesn’t stop.  Since we run Free For All, the chest sat, lootable, in the middle of explosions, holding all the loot, our Mimiron sigils and access to Algalon.  So.. for the lulz…

It turns out, you can divine shield (and shield wall with hots) your way through the explosions to reach the chest – but you can’t loot chests while immune.  So it became a hilarious bubbled run to the chest, followed by frantic shift-clicking before death.  But in the end, we got our sigil – and an Asimov’s Drape :(   The Game Masters will have to award the rest.

This is one hard mode kill that definately had an epic feel to it :)

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