Patch Day, Dragon Soul & Deathwing

Here’s a bit of history for you all…

The news article containing this screenshot was posted on October 22nd, 2006.  It’s a screenshot of Kel’thuzad, so it’s not our first end-boss kill, but it is probably one of the most memorable ones because of how few guilds cleared that content at level 60.

Over five years have passed since that posting, and some players in that screenshot can still be seen in the roster of CM to this day.  Five years later and some people that were there for that kill are still raiding, helping us get new kills.

Over the lifespan of this guild, we’ve defeated…

Prince Malchezaar and Nightbane
Lady Vashj and Kael’thas
Archimonde and Illidan
Kel’thuzad again, Sartharion and Malygos
Yogg’Saron and Algalon
The Lich King
Nefarian again, Sinestra and Al’akir
Ragnaros again

… and now, another raid tier is upon us.  We’ve saved Azeroth, we’ve saved what’s left of Draenor, killed two Old Gods, vanquished two of the Prime Evils and… oh wait, sorry, wrong game.

Anyway, time to save Azeroth again!  I know you don’t like to hear it, Deathwing, old buddy, but you are doomed to be just another name on a very long list.

Heroic Ragnaros


Monday: 13%

Earlier tonight: 5%

And then…

Down, at last.

I forget where it is but there’s a picture of Hamuul Runetotem with a trollface.jpg pasted on top and there are times when that’s quite suitable.  Or the frost patches can really be obnoxiously far apart, or the first dreadflame spawns on top of the first breadth of frost before anyone has deluge.  I wish I could blame everything on that sort of junk, but I can’t.

Really, Ragnaros comes down to having enough time in phase 4 where you learn how to deal with bad root placement or bad frost trap placement.  And every single person in your raid needs to master what to do in every possible stupid, ludicrous, RNG based combination of factors that can happen to them in this fight.  It’s telling that on our kill, a whole bunch of bad/stupid happened and we still pulled it out of the bag.

Mind you, if it had been in its original version, there is no way that the mistakes have been survivable.  This is what, the third version (two hotfixes) of this fight?  My hat’s off to those who beat it earlier; I can’t imagine this guy with more health; we were just learning to reliably get into phase 3 when the second hotfix dropped, shoving us directly into phase 4.   We extended the raid lock when the nerfs hit and still didn’t get him, but learned a very valuable (and hard) lesson.  Rumors that he falls over and drops loot as soon as you reach phase 4 with everyone up are, in my opinion, greatly exaggerated.  Perhaps we’re bad but being the 45th US 25 man guild to down this boss suggests that there might be more to it than us simply being dumb.

This tier has been a hell of a journey.  We really had to push this and in ways the grind was reminiscent of Heroic Lich King.  We stumbled in early heroics, bashed our heads against Rhyolith, meandered over to Beth’tilac, killed Domo 6th instead of 3rd and arrived late at Ragnaros, knowing a nerf was in the cards.  A lot of people sat out of the kill or were brought in to substitute; tonight used a couple of unexpected fill-ins and a few people changed plans around at the last minute because we were so close.  To everyone who patiently sat for the sake of an “ideal comp”, listening on vent or watching streams, to those of you who put in the time to theorycraft, and to those who wiped many many times as we inched our way closer to a kill… congratulations, all.

Not a moment too soon.  /ducks

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