Critical Mass Home

Or not…

Very very late but it seems we’re really not around after all.  You can, however, find some former CM members still on Stormrage in various other guilds.


Here’s a quick list I shamelessly stole from a post by Ces on our forums:


10 or so CM members are scattered across  three guilds, including Rageborn, Paradigm Shift and EoL.  I’m sure you can find them :)

Area 52




Doom Droolhammer

Vemo (server name updated by request)

Aerie Peak






Go Stormrage!  And stuff.   Truthfully, I haven’t looked at wowprogress in a long time…

So who is this LA guild?  They look like an interesting newcomer.  And Midnight Sanctuary is still ranking really highly.  Props.

We’re still around!

Yes, Critical Mass is still around. While a number of members have (quite successfully!) found new grounds for 25 man raiding, a small core of CM members remains and intends to raid on the 10 man scale in Mists of Pandaria.  At some point i’ll make a front page post detailing where people went.  Maybe.

Ebaytoon or Seresu are running the 10 man raiding group, I guess, so if you have any inquiries, talk to them.

Note: I don’t expect the 10 man raiding squad to be super hardcore. In fact, if you see us get a realm first, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

ps. ebaytoon is awesome

Last Post (with many updates)

I’ll get right to the point because this is old news; i’ve just been lazy in updating the front page.

Critical Mass is no longer a hardcore raiding guild. The officers made a decision to call it quits after the final tier of Cataclysm concluded and we’d wrapped up everyone’s drakes.  Having done that, we announced our departure to the guild and let people go their separate ways.

You’ll still see us around; we haven’t quit completely, and many remain in a casual/retired capacity.  Our forums will remain up for our past and present members to socialize and connect as we drift across a variety of games, including Starcraft 2 and soon, Diablo 3.

To those guilds out there that are still raiding I wish you all the best.  Doubly so if you picked up a member of Critical Mass in the process: you’re picking up some fantastic players, but more than that, some fantastic people.  After a while you stop raiding for the epics and the glory and the Realm Firsts… the only reason you hang on is for the people you’re raiding with.  We hung on and on but finally decided it was time to relax.

Some of us have been playing since the game released on November 23, 2004.  Sooner or later, you’ve just got to let go, step back, and let others write the future.  I’m confident that there are some great guilds still on Stormrage that will continue to do great things and keep the server, as a whole, one of the leading servers in the US progression ranks.

From release until the end of Cataclysm, Critical Mass has been the first to kill nearly every single server/realm tier 40/25 boss (in hard mode, where available).  Here is the ego-filled, chest pounding e-peen list of things we killed first on Stormrage:

  • Nefarian (40 player normal)
  • C’thun
  • Kel’thuzad (40 player normal)
  • Gruul
  • Magtheridon
  • Vashj
  • Kael’thas
  • Archimonde
  • Illidan
  • Kil’jaeden
  • Kel’thuzad (25 player normal)
  • Sartharion
  • Malygos
  • Yogg’saron (Heroic/no keepers)
  • Algalon
  • The Lich King (Heroic)
  • Al’Akir (Heroic)*
  • Nefarian (Heroic)
  • Sinestra (Heroic)
  • Ragnaros (Heroic)
* We got the Realm First on 10 player.  I believe the 25 player kill was still ‘first’, but by then nobody was in a hurry.  Might be wrong on this one though.

Honorable mention bosses because I feel like adding some:

  • Four Horsemen (40 player normal)… oh, the spreadsheets. The Four Horsemen and all upper-level bosses remained undefeated by any other guild on Stormrage until the level cap was raised. Oh, and after Four Horsemen, you went and got your world buffs. People used to follow us from Stormwind (Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer) to Zandalar Isle (Spirit of Zandalar) to Light’s Hope Chapel for the tower buff. Then we’d all get a healthstone off the Warlocks sitting outside and zone in. No pressure.
  • Viscidus… notable for small venom sacs, which used to cure the poison of level 60 bosses.  Viscidus was an incredibly rare boss for Alliance to kill because he was optional and we didn’t have Shaman, hence farming hundreds (literally) of these sacs off level 20 spiders in Duskwood and Hillsbrad cause they had the best drop chance and it was still awful.  Give up? Nope, we HAD to do it.  Thank you to the true GM of Critical Mass – Sniff, long gone from WoW – for pushing us to do something crazy and dumb that turned out to be incredibly memorable simply because it was so over-the-top and ridiculous and we pulled it off.
  • The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj … i’d love to say we opened this all by ourselves, but hell no, it took the whole server (and a lot of work on everyone’s part) back when Blizzard wasn’t scared to force an entire community to do a really annoying grind and then crash entire continents with the resulting world event. Katina was the last remaining original Stormrage Scarab Lord (the other being Phoa from Da’Kor as I recall). Late night cross-faction transfers from the Horde via Sell, Frenzy and Taurenzar. Massive forum raffles run by multiple guilds. Not sleeping for 3 days straight while we rushed a scepter as fast as possible, too stupid to realise the War Effort needed to get done too. Good times.
  • The Lich King … because he’s such a pivotal lore figure, because of Lenoia’s happy squeal and… this awesome blackboard from the get togethers I was too lame to go to.
  • Nefarian (Vanilla) … just everything about vent for that first kill (Tremor, Tutelin). Also Catfood tanking it in Grand Marshal gear that one time me, Xalix, Dugrin and Dakse all got feared under the world. The best memories.

We were beaten on three occasions:

  • Ragnaros (40 player normal) – beaten by Blood of the Horde
  • Anub’arak (25, Heroic with no wipes) – beaten by Integrity
  • Deathwing (25, Heroic) – beaten by Midnight Sanctuary

Hats off to those great names, some of whom have passed into server history, as we will surely do now.  It’s been a great run, guys.

Thank you to the friends and family of Critical Mass for seven great years playing this game.  To those who remain, my best wishes.

We’ll see you around in WoW or future games.

Cataclysm’s End

Well, he’s done.

US #42, World #143  - Tier 13 (25)

So I guess Cataclysm’s over, unless they surprise everyone and revive Abyssal Maw to keep us busy for the next six months.

There’s still drakes left to get as well as new titles for the folks who missed out on the first kill, so i’ll spare you all the usual end of expansion reflective post… for now :)


Edit: I just went to the Stormrage realm forum and noticed the thread congratulating us in turn.  Awesome, thanks guys.